▪️ Tour of  WEROAD   episode 36▪️



Wind of winter sometimes whispers in autumn’s fine sunlight here in Ikebukuro. Ueda-san’s work has finally reached the closing stage.






Following the east side gate, there has been plastered also on the west side gate.




A fluffy and friendly architectural facade on the east side, a big rectangle white wall and smooth facade on the west side are welcoming and seeing off all the passers of WEROAD.





Mural painting of the tunnel got to making minor adjustments, and the main place of artwork were moved to a big rectangle white wall of the west side entrance.


Compared to the wall of the tunnel which is rough on the surface and continuous, this wall is a rectangle and smooth on the surface with thick white background like a  canvas.





You can see the big rectangle white wall facing to the 77-meter-long mural painting inspired by the Oriental philosophy that included all the 5 basic elements -wood, fire, earth (land), metal and water-.


After all the painting work for 9 months since March 2019, the final expression of colors are coming to sprout through Ueda-san’s touches there.




* ウイ・ロード内部のイメージは、77mある全長が5区画に分けられている構造に着目し、古代中国に端を発する自然哲学思想である五行思想になぞらえて、各区画を「木」「火」「土」「金」「水」のセクションに振り分けています。五行説は、この5つの要素が相互に関係し、その生滅盛衰によって天地万物が変化し、循環するという考えが基盤になっています。





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