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T o u r O f W E R O A D episode35

T o u r O f W E R O A D episode35

▪️ Tour of  WEROAD   episode 35▪️




You can see the clear sky and feel autumn thicker and thicker in the air lately in Ikebukuro.





While the sun set earlier and there increased “wabi” more and more, Ueda-san was painting on the mural of the west side gate of WEROAD.

And there was full of colors reminding me of reminiscent fresh spring and lively summer there.





A gate is a place of meeting and seeing off the passers, and has different features from the long tunnel itself.

Compared to the inside of the tunnel that the wall is rocky and the background is thin, the gate has linear and thicker background like a big white canvas.




There are full of many energetic colors and expressions at this conspicuous place, it made me feel warm feelings inside as if I got some cheerful greetings.




When the veil of night came next to the wall, the contrast to each other entertains us.





Meanwhile, at the east side gate, there appeared a fluffy, friendly, and cheerful-looking curvy architectural facade.

You can feel full of amusing and welcoming energy by the twisted white fluffy arch and a background with yellow gradation,

which is completely different from that of the west side.




It seemed that this arch added a little bit of fun to the borderline between in and outside of WEROAD.






* ウイ・ロード内部のイメージは、77mある全長が5区画に分けられている構造に着目し、古代中国に端を発する自然哲学思想である五行思想になぞらえて、各区画を「木」「火」「土」「金」「水」のセクションに振り分けています。五行説は、この5つの要素が相互に関係し、その生滅盛衰によって天地万物が変化し、循環するという考えが基盤になっています。





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