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T o u r O f W E R O A D episode01

T o u r O f W E R O A D episode01

▪️ Tour of  WEROAD   episode 01 ▪️

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文 minayuzawa


Episode 01:

Shiho Ueda is starting her biggest and longest open work, which is a mural of WEROAD tunnel located in near Ikebukuro station from 8thMarch to October 2019, Tokyo Japan.

Toshima ward chose her as art director for WEROAD rebirth project at the end of 2017, and the process of the project was such exciting like chemical reactions happen between public power of Toshima ward and her limitless vitality for fine art.

At the beginning, Shiho named this project: Tour of WEROAD “10 million souls awake by ‘what colors do’”. Though the road never changes the place, many people and priceless history appeared under one simple concept of rebirth of WEROAD beyond time and place. The process has become like a big tour of thoughts.


Now we are pleased to announce that TOMOWA also starts Tour of WEROAD, and we are happy that you join this tour!